If you think a software is created by programmers, think again! There are many other roles that are involved in and influence software development.

However, in most of the cases, source code is the only means to understand how the software functions (design documents, even if present, get obsolete very quickly). Even for the programmers, it’s quite time consuming and painful, and that makes it challenging for people to understand well how a software works.

Xsemble gives a neat solution to this situation, so not only there is a good visibility to the non programmers, but they are in a position to drive software development through the means of flow definition. This leads to a highly efficient utilization of the manpower (programmers and non programmers) and delivers a great ROI throughout the life of the software. (One company reported 30-32% cost reduction, but depending on the situation, the benefits could be even higher.)


Various functions benefit in different ways using Xsemble. These benefits have a compounding effect, as the improved functioning in one area has a positive impact on the functioning of other areas too.

Various roles benefit in different ways using Xsemble. These benefits have a compounding effect, as one role’s improved functioning impacts the functioning of other group in a positive way.


The Xsemble launch event page covers a case study where some of the benefits were realized and a cost reduction of 30-32% was reported.

10Xofy offers Xsemble toolset to the Software Development companies to help them realize these benefits. At this stage, 10Xofy looks for a deep engagement including project consulting aimed at driving tangible business results. If you are a software company interested in exploring it, contact us.