Xsemble – Make Software Like You Make Cars

If you think a software is created by programmers, think again! There are many other roles that are involved in and influence software development.


Xsemble is a patent-pending application to create Java based web applications. It uses the visual programming and modularization to result into efficient manpower utilization, improved visibility, a development process that scales and lowered costs.

Various roles benefit in different ways using Xsemble. These benefits have a compounding effect, as one role’s improved functioning impacts the functioning of other group in a positive way.


– Optimum resource utilization
– Scalability of development
– Lower costs
– Crisp status
– Drill down for causal analysis


– Crisp WBS, easy tracking
– Team scale up / down easy
– Coding risks contained
– Design up-to-date
– Visibility to stakeholders

#Product Owner

– Visibility into functioning
– Enhanceable product
– High maintainability
– Better IP protection

#Domain Expert

– Visual understanding
– Control over functionality
– Monitoring
– Troubleshooting


– Module Focus
– Code templates
– Unit test templates
– Quick ramp-up


– Visual reference
– Live monitoring
– Troubleshooting
– Elaborate logs
– Surgical fixes


– Understanding of functioning
– Feeding back customer needs

Xsemble Launch Event

Check out Xsemble launch event page to see the launch videos, covering Xsemble introduction, Case study, College Student enablement and more.