10Xofy was founded by Ashish Belagali, who is the CEO and Master Alchemist. Ashish is an IIT Bombay alumnus with 22 years of software experience in the areas of technology, management, consulting and client handling. He is known as a turnaround specialist. Ashish has conceived and developed the Distributed Software Development solution, which makes it better for the software vendor as well as the customers.

Ashish observed that there is a huge difference in the way people look at software. 95% times, the software requirements mimic either an existing manual process or an existing software. However, in 1% cases, they stem from a well-thought-out strategy on the business functioning. The strategy comes first and software comes in later as the enabler of the business model. Software is not an afterthought — it is an integral part of implementing the strategy. The businesses which become super-successful invariably have this kind of approach. The genesis of the Business Growth Consultancy is to spread this learning, and to help businesses implement it to achieve success.

Our approach is hands-on. It does not stop at strategy creation but also helps in the execution. We partner into the success of our customer and also have major part of our remuneration linked to it. 10Xofy has a growing team of top quality experts from various fields who bring solid practical experience to the table.

Meet our Master Consultants below. Beyond this team, we are open to work with external consultants as long as they bring value to the table.

24 years of multi-disciplinary responsibilities in SAP Solution Architect, Infrastructure Management, Project / Program Management and solutions architecture.. Conversant with Virtualization and SOA. He has handled complex business challenges in a fast paced high pressure environment, where high stake decisions need to be made quickly.
Himagauri is a certified coach, OD interventionist and a Human Resource professional. She has over 15 years of experience across industries such as IT, ITES, Finance, Education and has worked with organisations at various stages of incubation. Her interest is in helping people undertake the journey by peeling mental layers and get to the answers to their own questions.
Rajarama brings 23 years of cross-functional experience, most of it in software product development, with education and early experience in mechanical engineering. He is in the leadership of PMI Pune Chapter. His strengths include strategic thinking and decision making, project and program management, process improvement and innovating to improve productivity and quality.