Technology is highly interesting. Not only it is interesting to learn, but it is also interesting in terms of how it can impact the various facets of life. At 10Xofy we tend to apply the best in Information Technology for Business Growth. Give us a shout to explore how we can help your business.


Software Research
We have developed a new technology for software development. Using this technology, one can visually assemble the software from building blocks, like in Lego. Developers’ task is reduced from creating the complete software to creating only these building blocks, one at a time. This makes the development and maintenance easier, increases product quality, reduces time to market and leads to efficient utilization of team.
Software Development
We take up software development projects using our technology and otherwise. We have conventionally been using Java technologies to build web, mobile and desktop applications. Recently we have started increasingly using Kotlin, which can be seen as better Java and more.
Business Growth Consultancy
95% times, software requirements clone either an existing manual process or mimic another software. Technology has potential to catapult a business to huge growth and very few businesses utilize it. The opportunity is wasted, and so are the software development effort and budget. The key is to start with the business strategy. We not only advise but also help in the implementation.