Ready to Play the 10X Game?


Playing the 10X Game is very different than targeting a growth of 10 or 20%. It needs disruption and challenging the status quo. Technology has the amazing power to create such disruption. At 10Xofy we study this effect and work with businesses to help them catapult into a different orbit.


Business Growth Consultancy
Technology has a huge potential. Very few businesses utilize it correctly, resulting in a waste of opportunity, effort and budget. We help businesses play the 10X game which involves starting from the fundamentals, deriving the best course of action, and then walking the path to reap the benefits. We work with experts in various areas as required.
Software Research
We applied the 10X principles ourselves and developed Xsemble. Xsemble increases the productivity of not just the programmers but also other stakeholders such as managers or domain experts. Through visual programming and modularization, it makes the development and maintenance easy, increases product quality, reduces time to market and leads to efficient utilization of manpower.
Outsourced Application Development
We take up development projects. We invest in learning technologies. Java technology has been providing the best mix of maturity, robustness, choice of approaches and programmer availability; and we used it extensively to build web, mobile and desktop applications. In modern times, we have started leaning towards Kotlin.